Holidays of 1997

January 1st

New Year’s Day

January 6

Epiphany Day

March 10

Green Monday (50 Days before Greek Orthodox Easter)

March 25

Greek National Day

April 1st

Greek Cypriot National Day

April 25

Good Friday (Greek Orthodox)

April 27

Easter Sunday

April 28

Easter Monday

May 1st

Labor Day

June 16


August 15


October 1st

Cyprus Independence Day

October 28

Greek National Day (Ochi Day)

December 24

Christmas Eve

December 25

Christmas Day

December 26

Boxing Day


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January 1

New Year Celebrations.

January 1 - 27

Exhibition by Cypriot Artist, Larnaka.

January 3, 4, 5

European Limassol Festival: Moscow Theatre Ballet.

January 6

Epiphany, religious celebration, in all seaside towns.

January - February

Angelos Makrides — Retrospective Exhibition, Lefkosia.

January 11 - 12

Horse Riding Show, Dressage Round III,
Lapatsa, Lefkosia area.

January 15

European Limassol Festival: London Chamber Orchestra.

Jan 17 - Feb. 9

Exhibition: “Greek Space — 150 years of excavations of the French Archaeological School of Athens”, Lefkosia.

January 19

Open Road Race, Larnaka.

January 26

Ski competition, Troodos Mountains.

January 26

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

January 27

European Limassol Festival: “The World of Franz Schubert”.

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Feb. 1 - March 1

The Akamas International Chamber Music Festival, Pafos.

In February 1997, Pafos (popularly known as the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love) will play host to an outstanding assemblage of classical musicians who will gather to mark the first Akamas International Chamber Music Festival in Cyprus.

The Program will include 10 concerts in selected locations in Pafos, including the Annabelle, the Paphos Amathus Beach, Azia Beach, Coral Beach and the Markidion Municipal Theater. The prestigious list of participants includes the Berlin Philharmonia Quartett, the official Quartett of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the World’s premier Cello player Natalia Gutman and the pianist Tzimon Barto.

The Akamas Festival is seen as an extremely important event for Cyprus, designed to satisfy the demands of the increasingly discerning holidaymaker and bring a new cultural dimension to the island.

Feb. 3 - March 12

Vrassidas Viachopoulos — Retrospective Exhibition, Larnaka.

February 7

European Limassol Festival.

February 13 - 19

International Football Tournament.

February - May

CTO Winter Events.

February 21

International Tourist Guides Day.

February 22 - 23

Horse Riding Show, Jumping Round VI Lapatsa, Lefkosia area.

February 22

Ski competition, Troodos Mountains.

February 23

Pancyprian Half Marathon Race, Lemesos.

February 23

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

Feb. 23 - March 23

Cyprus Cup ’97 — Football Tournament, Agia Napa, Paralimni.

February 26

European Limassol Festival.

Feb. 27 - March 9

“Apokreo” Carnival Festivities.

Carnival is a period of fun and plenty of food, prior to the fifty days of fasting, before Easter.

The first week is called the Meat Week, Kreatini, during which it is allowed to eat meat, as this is the last week before the Lent begins. The second week is known as the Cheese Week Tyrini, when cheese and other dairy products are consumed.

Carnival festivities begin on Tsiknopefti, the Thursday of the Meat Week. The highlight of the Carnival takes places on the last Sunday of the Cheese Week. People gather in houses to feast, sing satirical song and play games. Many mascarades, visit friendly houses playing tricks on the host and their guest, until they are recognized.

Carnival Parades and fancy-dress balls are very popular and take place in most towns.

Lemesos: The most famous town for its Carnival Festivities, where most parties and balls take place.

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Annual Dog Show, Lefkosia.

March 1 - 2

21st International F.I.S. Ski competition, Troodos Mountains.

March 3 - 7

Football Mini European Tournament in Cyprus, Lefkosia.

March 10

Green Monday, religious celebration

March 10

Kites’ competition, Pafos.

March 15

European Limassol Festival.

March 15 - 21

Educational Fair, Lefkosia.

March 18 - April 30

Exhibition: “Engravings by Cypriot artists”, Larnaka.

March 18 - 19

Annual Flower Arrangements Exhibition, Lefkosia.

March 22, 23, 24

European Limassol Festival.

March 24 - 30

Exhibition: “Interior ’97”, Lefkosia.

March 25

Greek National Day.

March 29

World Football Cup ’98: Cyprus VS Russia.

March 30

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

March - April

Exhibition: “A view of Scotland from the Kelvingrove Museum of Glascow”, Lefkosia.

March - April

Strovolos Cultural Events ’97

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April 1

Greek - Cypriot National Day.

April 1 - 6

Famous Grouse Cyprus Grand Prix — Shooting Competition, Lefkosia.

April 5 - 6

Tour of Cyprus — Car Rally.

April 5 - 13

International Veterans Tennis Cup ’97, Larnaka.

April 6

Tour of Pafos ’97 — Road Race, Pafos.

April 7

European Limassol Festival.

April 7 - 14

UIT World Cup — Shooting Competition, Lefkosia.

April 7 - 20

Festival of Classical Music, Larnaka.

April 8

European Limassol Festival.

April 9 - 12

Lapatsa Squash Cup / Nicosia Open.

April 15

Basketball EURO CUP Men’s Final, Lefkosia.

April 15

Annual Lecture on Cyprus Archaeology, Lefkosia.

April 15

European Limassol Festival.

April 19

Procession of Agios Lazaros Icon, Larnaka.

April 19 - 20

Horse Riding show, Jumping Round VII, Lapatsa, Lefkosia area.

April 20 - 29

Greek - Orthodox Easter Festivities.

April 23

European Limassol Festival.


Easter Craft Fair, Lefkosia.

April 27

Easter (Greek Orthodox Church).

April 27

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

April - October

Agia Napa — Sunday Festivities.

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May 1

Labor Day.

May 2, 3, 4

European Limassol Festival.

May 3 - 4

Pancyprian Horse Riding Competition, Dressage, Lapatsa, Lefkosia area.

May 5 - June 6

Exhibition of Photographs: “Larnaka of Yesterday”, Larnaka.

May 6

Lectures on Chartography: “The origins of the sea charts”, Lefkosia.

May 9 - 11

9th Cyprus International Historical (Antique) Car Rally.

May 12

European Limassol Festival.

May 13

European Limassol Festival.


Anthestiria — Flower Festivals:
 10, 11, Larnaka,
11, Paphos,
18, Paralimni, Lemesos, Lefkosia.

May 13 - 18

Holidays ’97, Lefkosia.

May 19 - 25

International Tennis Tournament “Davis Cup”, Lefkosia.

May 22 - June 1

22nd Cyprus International State Fair ’97, Lefkosia.

May 25

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

May 26, 27

European Limassol Festival.

May 29 - 31

“Richard the Lionheart” — Rock musical, Kourion Ancient Theatre.

May - June

Exhibition : “Britain in the 50’s”, Lefkosia.

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June 6 - 11

KEO Cyprus Squash Open, Lapatsa, Lefkosia area.

June 10 - 11

Pancyprian Horse Riding Competition, show jumping, Lapatsa, Lefkosia area.

June 16

Pentecost, Kataklysmos — (Flood Festival).

Kataklysmos, which coincides with the day of the Pentecost, is a religious and popular feast celebrated only in Cyprus. The word “Kataklysmos”, which means flood, is found in the Greek myth of Deukalion. In both cases, kataklysmos refers to the destruction by flood of all living creatures on earth, apart from the faithful and beloved men of God — in the former case, Noah and his family, and in the latter, Deukalion and his wife, who were saved in order to give birth to a new and moral generation.

The ceremonies for “Kataklysmos” last for a few days and take place in all seaside towns and resorts. Celebrations include various games, performances of folk dances, boat races, swimming competitions and popular songs such as tchattista, which improvised verses sung by different parties competing with each other. The most popular custom on the day of Kataklysmos. is the throwing of water at one another. This symbolises the purification of the body and soul.

June 14 - July 31

Exhibition: “Fasianos, the printer, the engraver”, Larnaka.

June 19, 20, 21

Shakespearean Nights, Kourion Ancient Theatre.

June 21

International Day of Music.

June 29

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

June 30 - July 5

3rd International Children’s Folkloric Dance festival, Lemesos.

June 30 - July 13

Open Tennis Tournament, Lapatsa, Lefkosia area.

June - August

Ancient Greek Drama Festival — Lysistrata, in all towns.

June - September

Pafia 1997 Festival, Pafos.

June - October

“Summer Cultural Events” by Cyprus Tourism Organization.

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Lemessos Summer Events.


“Re-enactement of a Cypriot wedding”, Lemesos & Pafos.

July 1 - 31

Larnaka Festival.

July 4

“Makaria” International athletic Meeting — Track & Field, Lefkosia.

July 27

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

July (last week)

Festival at Agios Athanasios Municipality, Lemesos.

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Pampafia, Pafos.


Revival of Aphrodite Rituals, Geroskipou village, Pafos.

Aug. 8 - Sept. 21

Exhibition of works by Cypriot artists, Larnaka.

August 14 - 15

Ammochostos Remembrance Days, Deryneia.

August 19

Football Match — Cyprus VS Germany.

Aug. - Sept. - Oct.

Village Festivals (folkloric festivals in various villages).

Aug. 27 - Sept. 7

Wine Festival, Lemesos.

Cyprus has been famous for its vineyards for centuries, and wine has been produced on the island since ancient times. The finest grapes for making wine are cultivated in the areas of Pafos and Lemesos. Lemesos is the center of the wine-making industry, and the natural home of the popular annual Wine Festival.

During the 10-day festival, which takes place in the Municipal Gardens of Lemesos, you have the chance to taste some of the best Cyprus wines. The wineries compete for the most original and well designed stand from which they dispense their products and introduce new wines to an eager public.

Every evening, from 18.00hrs until 23.00hrs wine is offered free to the guest who can also watch the traditional pressing of the grapes.

Music and dance performances take place in the open-air theater within the Gardens.

August 31

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

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21st “Makaria” Basketball International Tournament, Lefkosia.


“Ierokipia ’97”, Geroskipou village, Pafos.


Craft Fair at Chrysaliniotissa, Lefkosia.


Lefkosia Municipality Cultural Festival.


4th Cultural Festival, Deryneia.


Agia Napa Festival.


Strovolos Culrural Events ’97, Lefkosia.

Sept. - Oct.

“KYPRIA ’97”, International Festival Lefkosia, Lemesos.

September 5 - 14

Summer Cinema Festival, Larnaka.

September 8 - 14

“Aphrodite Cup ’97” — Tennis Tournament, Lemesos.

September 12 - 27

OTHELLO FESTIVAL — “Nabucco” and “Othello”, by G. Verdi, Pafos.

After this year’s success of Verdi’s OTHELLO (which has been established as an annual event), the producer of Othello Festival has recently announced the performance for next year. Besides OTHELLO the festival will also feature Verdi’s monumental opera NABUCCO.

The Othello Festival 1997 will take place at the Paphos Castle. Both Operas will be conducted by Anton Guadagno and again will feature world class singers as Katia Ricclarelli (Desdemona) Carlo Cossutta (Othello) and Silvano Carroli (Jago). The NABUCCO production will feature baritone Carlo Guelfi (Nabucco) and the world famous bass-voice Jewgenij Nesterenko in the role of Zaccaria.

The International Festival Choir and the Philharmonia Hungarica will be participating in this project for the second time.

September 26 - 28

25th Rothmans Cyprus Car Rally.

September 27

World Tourism Day.

September 28

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

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October 1

Cyprus Independence Day — Military Parade.

October 1 - 26

2nd Pancyprian Exhibition on Ceramics & Sculpture, Larnaka.

October 3 - 5

“Afamia” — Annual Grapefestival, Koilani village, Lemesos.

October 5 or 12

International Bazaar — Lefkosia.

October 5 - 12

Professional Women’s Tennis Cup, Lefkosia.

October 8 - 12

Agrifair and Watertech Exhibition, Lefkosia.

October 8 - 12

European Small Nations Squash Tournament, Lapatsa, Lefkosia.

October 11

Football Match — Cyprus VS Luxemburg.

October 12

Arso Grape (Palouze) festival, Arsos village, Lemesos.

October 17 - 18

Popular Fair at Aradippou village, Larnaka.

Oct. 25 - Nov. 2

“Ideal Home Exhibition”, Lefkosia.

October 26

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

October 28

Greek National Day.

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November 1 - 28

Panos Sarafianos - Retrospective Exhibition, Larnaka.

November 22 - 23

14th Canary & other ornamental birds Exhibition, Lefkosia.

November 26 - 30

HI-FI, Sound & Vision Exhibition, Lefkosia.

November 30

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

November 30

4th Cyprus Aphrodite Half Marathon, Pafos.

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“Odos Christougennon”, Christmas Bazaar, Lefkosia.


Christmas at Chrysaliniotissa Crafts Fair, Lefkosia.

December 3 - 31

Exhibition: “24 Greek artists paint Christmas”, Larnaka.

December 23

Annual Christmas Cultural Event, Pafos.

December 23 - 26

Christmas Festivities.

December 28

Classical Music Concert, Lemesos.

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All Year Round Events, 1997

Panigiria —
Religious Festivals

In various villages all round the island.

Every Monday

Kaimakli Bus & Walking Tour, Lefkosia
(Participation is free).

This two hour bus-and-walking tour of the area of Kaimakli, one of the oldest suburbs of Lefkosia, is organised by the Lefkosia Municipality, and starts every Monday, at 10.00 hrs from the Cyprus Tourist Information Office in Laiki Geitonia.

This guided tour is quite exceptional as it includes a free bus ride along Kaimakli’s demarkation line, passes by the old railway station, an old flour-mill and stops near the suburb’s center. Visitors walk around the old neighborhoods dating back to the beginning of the century.

Every Thursday

Lefkosia Walking Tour
(Participation is free)

The two hours walking tour of Lefkosia starts every Thursday at 10.00 hrs, from the Cyprus Tourist Information Office in Laiki Geitonia (east of Plateia Eleftherias). This guided tour, organised by the Lefkosia Municipality, gives the chance to all visitors to get acquainted with the old character of the city.

Every Saturday and all Public Holidays (May)

Horse Racing, Agios Dometios, Lefkosia.

Every Sunday
(Oct. - April)

Horse Racing, Agios Dometios, Lefkosia.

Every Wednesday
(June - July)

Horse Racing, Agios Dometios, Lefkosia.

Every Sunday

Nicosia Bazaar (Gynaikopazaro), Lefkosia.

Every Month

Monthly field meetings of the Cyprus Ornithological Society.

Three or four times

Theatre in English by the Anglo-Cypriot Theatre (ACT)